Dear visitors of the museum.

In Murska Sobota Castle, we are setting up a new permanent exhibition for you, People along the Mura, which will replace the permanent exhibition from 1997. The content of the new exhibition will cover the entire area of Pomurje, we will present the excellent material we have acquired in the last two decades and we will add topics that may have been neglected so far. There will also be more content for children.

During the transition period, the old and the new exhibition are intertwined, and due to renovation works, individual parts of the exhibition are occasionally closed to visitors. We ask for your understanding and look forward to your visit.


People along the Mura

The permanent exhibition presents Pomurje with its natural resources and its people through cultural and historical areas from settlement to the present day. Carriers of different cultures, social classes, political and economic movements, Celts, Romans, Slavs, Slovenes, Hungarians, Germans, Turks, Roma, Catholics, Protestants, Jews, all are trapped in the museum's collection with a piece of their lives.


Why visit the permanent exhibition?

- Because you get to know the story of feudal lords, townsmen, workers and the rural population, the story of economic migration, wars and destruction, but also the story of coexistence and tolerance.
- You get to see original archeological, historical, ethnological and artistic objects from Pomurje.

- You can experience the castle atmosphere in the baroque salon.

Virtual tour of the permanent exhibition

Content of the permanent exhibition by rooms:

Rooms 1–6 are being renovated