Library today

The library of the Pomurje Museum has over 19,280 inventoried items; domestic and foreign monographic and periodical publications in the field of ethnology, anthropology, museology, conservation and restoration; publications related to the museum's collections within individual custodians, 95% of them humanities; and a lot of literature and non-book material and is the largest specialty library in the region.

The library is also open to the public and is used by teachers, professors, high school students and students in addition to its employees.

In the library, one can find book rarities stored in the vault, as well as some manuscripts. A special feature are the scrolls of biblical texts in Hebrew, which are from the former synagogue in Murska Sobota.

Its importance is to collect and preserve, in addition to the Regional and Scholastic Library, the book heritage of the region. It is arranged according to the UDK system.

The heritage of some prominent researchers of the region (Franc Šebjanič, Miroslav Štubl, Jože Kološa, Ivan Škafar, Bela Sever, etc.) are also important.

Recently, digitisation and certain materials are now accessible on the web portal.