Kološa's Cabinet of Artistic Photography

Even before the death of the art photographer Jože Kološa (1920-1998), the Pomurje Museum Murska Sobota acquired a part of his artistic legacy and gradually supplemented it in accordance with the agreement with his wife, Piroška (1921-2009).
On 28th September, 2010, the Museum opened the doors of Kološa's Cabinet of Artistic Photography, which is set up the way Kološa would have wanted it: in Murska Sobota Castle as part of the museum's special collection. It houses an artistic legacy that contains over 1,600 original art photographs by Kološa, dozens of glass plates and about twenty thousand negatives. Some of his photographic equipment and part of a professional library are also included.

Visiting the cabinet is possible by prior appointment. Please write to: info@pomurski-muzej.si  

Photo: Tomislav Vrečič