Sobota before Sobota. Murska Sobota in the Embrace of Archaeological Sites

The exhibition presents fragments of the history of the settlement of mediaeval to modern periods fragments of the past that have been preserved over time in the remains of the town, stacked in layers of buried layers of the earth we walk on, which is unknown to us until we dig it up.

The exhibition highlights the results of the first systematic archaeological research that took place in 2020 due to the renovation of Slovenska Street, and in early 2021 due to the renovation of the platform in front of the Cathedral of St. Nicholas in Murska Sobota. Mediaeval settlements in the form of the remains of caves and kilns were discovered at both excavations. In addition to the archaeological finds from Murska Sobota and its immediate surroundings, the exhibition showcases an interesting feature, a floor photograph of Murska Sobota from the air, on which archaeological sites are indicated.

The author of the exhibition is Dr. Branko Kerman.



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