Street exhibition in Martin Luter promenade in Murska Sobota

We invite you to see our new street exhibition in the Martin Luter promenade in Murska Sobota, which we dedicated to the pioneer of Slovenian comics and animated film Miki Muster (1925–2018) and to the 70th anniversary of the publication of the first story about the clever fox Trickster.

Since then, Trickster's adventures, in which he appears together with his friends Hungerly and Hardie, have accompanied the growing up of generations of Slovenians, as well as other Miki’s characters from illustrated publications, films, commercials or from the packaging of various products. In them, we recognize the author's sparkling character and his endless talent, and we also recognize ourselves and our history.

Miki Muster was born in Murska Sobota, spent part of his youth here, erected his only sculptural work here, and became the town’s honorary citizen in 2010.

The exhibition will be on view until the end of August 2023.


Photos: Tomislav Vrečič, PM MS 


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