History of Health Care in Pomurje

Beltinci castle
Ravenska cesta 8, 9231 Beltinci

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Institute for Tourism and Culture Beltinci
Mladinska ulica 2, 9231 Beltinci
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The Pomurje Medical Collection, exhibited in Beltinci Castle, consists of material collected, researched, and edited over the years by Nikolaj Szepessy, a doctor from Beltinci. To this we added furniture and other items from the former Bölcs pharmacy in Murska Sobota, as well as items obtained from the legacy of ophthalmologist Jože Pečan. The collection is part of the permanent collection of the Pomurje Museum Murska Sobota.

At the permanent exhibition, the pharmacy is currently presented with a sales department, tea and medicine preparation department and storage department. The equipment of the trachoma clinic, which was operating when this contagious eye disease was still very widespread in the region, can also be found. A collection of medical instruments as used by general practitioners is also on display. With the renovation of Beltinci Castle, we will expand the permanent exhibition to other areas of health.