Baking of wheat zlivanka

“Zlivanka” is made from different flours: wheat, buckwheat and corn. What they have in common is that the body of the dish is liquid and poured into a baking dish then baked in the oven (or bread oven). The names for wheat zlivanka in the NE part of Slovenia are different: šterc, málin, vlejvanka, zlejvanka, pufa, polenta, cvrtina, bilicove pogače, wheat močnik/gruel, tamrli, bilične zlejvanke. Wheat zlivanka was made with milk, corn and buckwheat with water or mineral water, occasionally with cracklings spread on top. When there was no more wheat to bake bread at the house, they often baked zlivanka. Roast pork blood (as an important dish that was made at pig slaughtering feasts) could also be added to the dumplings, which has several names: bloody šterc, tamrli, bloody gruel, roasted blood, bloody porridge..



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